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How to organize the wardrobe

The secret of the Japanese order was revealed to the world by Marie Kondo, who explained how everything must start from the need to tidy up by choosing only objects and clothes that we really use (with some exceptions for those that we do not use but associated with good memories and that make us happy) and eliminating everything that remains hidden in drawers for most of the year and that no longer reflects our personality.

Once the selection has been narrowed down to the most popular garments, we move on to the method of gaining precious space.

Roll up sweaters and small items of clothing so as not to crease them and have them close at hand
The secret to keeping everything in the best possible way is knowing how to fold garments correctly : Marie Kondo recommends folding and rolling sweaters and small garments by arranging them in shallow drawers, side by side to always have them at hand and avoid moving everything to decide what to wear.

As for jackets and dresses, better hang them . Better, thin hangers with a uniform style, for a wardrobe that is also beautiful to look at. Do not forget to organize it by arranging the longer, heavier and darker garments on the left, gradually scaling to the right with the smaller, lighter and lighter tones.

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