Henna Wall Sconce - small

Henna Wall Sconce – Small

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Henna Wall Sconce Small

This small Henna Wall Sconce is made of goat skin that has been dyed red with a delicate pattern hand painted with henna. It was hand made in Marrakech.

Goat skin sconces are often seen in Morocco and will transport you back to the souks of Morocco or to your desert hide-away.

Henna is usually applied on hands and feet of women on special occasions, such as weddings, births or holidays. Henna is made from a plant and is usually a reddish brown in colour. Depending on the skill of the woman applying the henna, designs are usually intricate. The henna is like a temporary tattoo and depending on the strength of the henna, it will usually  fade to nothing after a couple of weeks.

To see a video of the application of henna, click here. It’s amazing watching henna being applied. The women work very fast, just like in this video. We love getting a henna tattoo when we are in Morocco. If you are considering having one done, beware the black ‘henna’ often being used in tourist places. It is not henna and is apparently toxic.

The sconce should only be used indoors and will provide a lovely worm glow when it is placed over a wall light.

The sconce is 35cm long, 22cm wide (at the widest part) and 12cm deep at the top. Match with a larger wall sconce to create a stunning effect.