Frekh Hamoud Dark Wall Sconce

Frekh Hamoud Dark Wall Sconce

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Frekh Hamoud Dark Wall Sconce

The Frekh Hamoud Dark Wall Sconce was hand-made in Marrakech, Morocco by skilled artisans.

The wall sconce is made with opaque white glass and the metal has a dark finish. The opaque white glass will provide a beautiful soft white light. The wall sconce can be hung on a nail or hook over an existing light fitting on the wall.

Each piece of this wall sconce has been made by hand – the cutting of the glass, the cutting and patterning of the metal and then putting it all together to make this beautiful piece.

The Frekh Hamoud Wall Sconce is an simple and inexpensive way to transform a room to a magical space. This sconce is best used indoors, however if in a protected space outside, it will last a number of years.

The sconce is 56cm tall and approximately 27cm wide. Depth is approximately 14cm. It is best used inside.