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Wool and Cotton Throw 01

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Wool and cotton throw 01

This woollen and cotton throw was hand-woven and is to be found only in the Rif mountains in the north of Morocco. The weaving is particularly fine and tight in traditional tribal colours and patterns.

This type of striped weaving is so typical of the north of Morocco and you can often see Amazigh (Berber) women wearing these throws as a multipurpose clothing item, usually as a kind of apron or shawl. They are often teamed with a straw hat with woollen trims, starting with a kind of pom-pom at the top and going down the sides. It is totally unique and you can see a photo by clicking here.

The throw can be used on the bed or the couch, or on the table as a table cloth. Or you could use it like the traditional Amazigh women do in the north of Morocco.

The colours in this wool and cotton throw are typical Moroccan colours of red and green (and white), also seen in the Moroccan national flag. We only have one remaining piece in these colours.

The wool and cotton throw measures 130 x 83cm.

Care instructions: Hand wash in cold water and line dry.