Cactus Silk – white and pink

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This white and pink striped ‘cactus silk’ is sumptuous and luxurious. It was hand-woven in the south of Morocco.

These specially commissioned large pieces, 300  x 183cm, are ideal as bedspreads or to lift a sofa or even as a wall-hanging. Each piece has a fringed top and bottom.

These fabrics are uniquely Moroccan. The fabric is called ‘cactus silk’ but is sometimes known as Sabra silk. It is a natural fibre from the Saharan Aloe Vera Cactus, part of the Agave family. This fibre is known for its quality, strength and beautiful sheen. This fabric also has some chenille woven through to provide contrast and enhance the beautiful sheen of the cactus silk.

To make the Sabra silk the leaves are crushed and the fibres washed and hammered, then soaked to separate the fibres and filaments. These are then spun and woven and then dyed.

Cactus silk can be washed at 30 degrees or dry-cleaned, and if it needs to be ironed, it should be ironed with a low-steam in the direction of the weave.

To see a short video on the dying of fabric in Morocco, watch this video.