moroccan cooking tagine 34cm

Moroccan Cooking Tagine 34cm

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Moroccan cooking tagine 34cm – a genuine Moroccan tagine

This Moroccan cooking tagine has a diameter of 34cm and is generally suitable for 4 – 6 people, depending on appetites. The tagines are terracotta and are glazed.

Create some tasty Moroccan meals by using one of these authentic clay cooking tagines. Made in Marrakech, these tagines are the real thing.

People often ask us whether cooking in a tagine is any different from cooking in a casserole. Once you’ve used an authentic tagine, you will know that there is a very big difference. The conical lid acts like a closed chimney trapping the moisture in the pot. Wonderful for slow cooking on your gas cook top or using a ‘majma’ (charcoal brazier). Try out the recipes on this website or try one from the many Moroccan cookbooks around. SBS also has some good recipes on their website.

The Tagine is both a cooking and serving dish (and refers to the name of the dishes prepared)) – bring it to the table and serve it with a flourish. The 34cm tagine will serve up to 6 people. This will depend on the number of other dishes served and the appetites of those you are feeding.

When you purchase a tagine we will supply you with information on how to care for your tagine. Please note that due to the process of making the tagines, your tagine may have some superficial imperfections and the design on the top may vary.

We strongly recommend that when cooking on a stovetop that a simmer ring or heat diffuser is used. We have some that are suitable for gas cook tops.

Our tagines have been tested and all meet national guidelines in relation to their composition.