Babouches for Men

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Babouches for men

These genuine Moroccan men’s babouches are handmade in leather and are in the traditional colour of yellow. Shoe-making or babouche-making is a skill in Morocco that has been passed down from generation to generation.

You will see babouches worn all over Morocco¬†by men dressed in caftans and even suits. They are comfortable, durable and easy to slip on and off. We also have a fantastic range of women’s babouches.

Unfortunately the real Moroccan babouches are being taken over by inferior cheaper plastic look-alikes from Asia, so buying a pair of genuine Moroccan babouches will help to keep the shoe-making skill around.

To see how babouches are made and obtain some more information about babouches, have a look at this video.

Buy a pair of babouches, put your feet up on one of our ottomans, have a cup of Moroccan mint tea and you may even feel that you have escaped to Morocco.

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