30cm Fes plate 01

30cm Fes plate 01

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30cm Fes plate 01

This 30cm Fes plate was handmade and hand-painted in blue and white, the traditional colours of Fes pottery. It is made with the grey clay of the area. This is a one-off piece.

Fes is one of the three major centres for ceramics in Morocco. Fes is known particularly for its blue and white pottery and also for the high standard of craftsmanship.

This plate was made in the Potters Quarter, called Ain Nokbi. It is a little bit away from the old and new parts of Fes, due to the smoke made by the kilns.

The plate is made from stoneware clay and is shaped by hand on the pottery wheel which is operated by a foot pedal. No fancy electric contraptions here! Once the desired shape is made, it is cut by wire and left in the sun to dry. Fine horsehair brushes are used to paint the geometric designs on the pottery. The pieces are then fired in a kiln at a high temperature. The kilns are fueled by ground olive pips. If you’ve been to Morocco, you will know that the olive oil and preserved olives are everywhere and particularly delicious, so it’s a great way to use the non-edible bits.

The stoneware clay is very tough and withstands some knocks, although we do recommend that you treat it with care and hand-wash it in warm soapy water. It is safe for use with food, otherwise it will make a lovely decoration. The rim on the back has a couple of holes, so if you like, you can hang it on the wall.

Each of these Fes plates is unique – there are no two the same.