Tanjia: Small

Tanjia: Small

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Tanjia are traditional clay cooking vessels from Marrakech. We are told that tanjias are traditionally cooked by men when they are going to party or to play cards. After preparing the dish at home, they seal the pot and then take it to the hammam to be slow cooked. After a few hours a most beautiful tasty and succulent dish is turned out.We haven’t tried this, but we think a tanjia would go down well in a wood oven and a normal oven. Just remember to give the tanjia a very good soaking and not to put it in a very hot oven.

If you’re not into cooking, the tanjia will look great in the garden or a courtyard.

The tanjia is 21cm tall and holds approximately 2 litres. As this item is handmade, please allow for some variation in size and appearance.