Tadelakt bowl: Red

Tadelakt bowl – Red



These tadelakt bowls in red are the perfect container for your treasures. The bowls come in 3 sizes and were made in Marrakech.

Tadelakt is a traditional craft in Morocco and is a form of polished plaster normally applied to walls in traditional Moroccan palaces. The word ‘tadelakt’ means to ‘rub in’. ¬†For more information on tadelakt, check out this information on Wikipedia. And to see more¬†tadelakt, have a look at this video.

The tadelakt skill has been transferred to these bowls, making them uniquely Moroccan. The bowl has a silver metal (mechour) knob.

This tadelakt bowl with lid comes in 3 sizes – small, medium and large. It comes complete with the tassel.

The small measures 9.5cm high by 11.5cm wide.

The medium measures 11cm high and 12cm wide.

The large measures 13cm high by 16cm wide.