Moroccan ceramic ashtray red and silver

Moroccan ceramic ashtray red and silver

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Moroccan ceramic ashtray red & silver

These Moroccan ceramic ashtrays in red and silver were hand-made in Safi. The silver was applied in Marrakech.

Ashtrays in Morocco are fabulous – they are attractive and a great design. They come in 2 parts. There are indentations so you can rest your cigarette, there is a piece in the middle so you can stub your cigarette out, and when you lift the top a little, your cigarette butt and the ash will fall into the bottom section. This means that nobody will be offended by the unsightly look of cigarette butts, but it also means that, if you’re outsisde, the ash cannot be blown around.

Care instructions: Hand wash in warm soapy water and leave to dry.

This red and silver ashtray is 8.5cm high and approximately 12cm wide