Moroccan teapot 02 vintage silver alloy

Moroccan Teapot 02 Vintage Silver Alloy

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Moroccan Teapot 02 Vintage Silver Alloy

Seen everywhere throughout Morocco is the traditional Moroccan Teapot for serving mint and other teas.

Made of silver alloy this Moroccan Teapot not only looks good, it really functions.

Ornate, classic and traditional, this teapot is indispensable for pouring your favourite oriental tea.

It is a piece of Moroccan craftsmanship, genuinely handcrafted and is adorned with a traditional orange tassel.

This is a unique vintage used teapot.

The teapot is approximately 24cm high and holds approximately 950ml.

This teapot would go superbly with a set of our gorgeous orange Moroccan Tea Glasses

To learn how to make traditional Moroccan tea, check out this recipe on SBS.

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