Moroccan hand-painted teapot 10

Moroccan Hand-painted Teapot 10

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Moroccan  hand-painted teapot 10

Moroccan hand-painted teapot 10 was painted by the French-born Moroccan artist Nathalie Mollie Benaichour. Nathalie was commissioned by Metroscope to create these unique Moroccan teapots.

Each metal teapot is individually designed, hand-enamelled and kiln-fired by Nathalie herself. In this way each piece is a special one-off art work that can be used.

This teapot holds 900ml and stands 21cm high.

Mint tea is the traditional tea in Morocco and everywhere you can see teapots and tea glasses. None as beautiful though as this range created for Metroscope by Nathalie Mollie Benaichour.

This teapot would go superbly with a set of our gorgeous red and gold Moroccan Tea Glasses

To learn how to make traditional Moroccan tea, check out this recipe on SBS.