Large Arch Wrought Iron Mirror

Large Arch Wrought Iron Mirror

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Large Arch Wrought Iron Mirror

This large arch wrought iron mirror frame was made in Safi, Morocco.

The frame is black and is weatherproof, so it can be used indoors or outdoors. The mirror will be useful in your hallway or bedroom as it will provide you with a full-length view. It will also look great in a courtyard or garden and can help to make the area look bigger.

The mirror is 150cm tall and 90cm wide.

The price does not include the actual mirror due to the risk of breakage when we freight this. Any glazier will be able to fit a mirror to this frame. And if you live in Melbourne, we can arrange this for you. Please allow for up to a week for us to weatherproof the frame, and extra if you want us to organise the actual mirror. However, we may have some already in stock – weatherproofed and with mirror – contact us to find out.

For Melbourne customers please see ‘In Store’ category for price with mirror.

We also stock the same mirror in a smaller size. To see details click here.

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