Tamen Simo Mini Multicolour Lantern

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The Tamen Simo Mini Multicolour Lantern was made in Marrakech, Morocco. It is a genuine Moroccan lantern made by hand and is from Metroscope’s latest shipment.

The lantern is made with embossed multicolour glass and the metal has a copper finish. The lantern has a door to enable access to the inside.

The lantern can be wired for a pendant light and suspended from the ceiling, or with this size, it is probably better as a table lamp. You can use it with candles and tea lights. Please note that the lantern is not supplied with electrical fittings.

The embossed glass will enable a filtered light to come from the lantern.

Whether used with a candle or with a light fitting, the Tamen Simo Mini Multicolour Lantern is a very sweet genuine Moroccan lantern.

The lantern is 28cm high and approximately 13cm at the widest part.