Tamen Baati Transparent Lantern

Tamen Baati Transparent Lantern


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The Tamen Baati Transparent Lantern was made in Marrakech, Morocco. It is a genuine Moroccan lantern made by hand and is from Metroscope’s latest shipment.

The lantern is made with clear transparent glass and the metal has a copper finish. The lantern has a door to enable access to the inside.

The lantern can be wired for a pendant light and suspended from the ceiling, or as a table lamp. You can use it with candles and tea lights. Please note that the lantern is not supplied with electrical fittings.

The transparent glass will enable lots of light to come from the lantern.

Whether used with a candle or with a light fitting, the Tamen Transparent Lantern is a very genuine Moroccan lantern.

The medium sized lantern is 35cm high and approximately 16cm at the widest part and the large lantern is approximately 50cm tall and 25cm wide.