Poisson Kazdire Lantern

Poisson Kazdire Lantern

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Poisson Kazdire Lantern

The Poisson Kazdire Lantern makes its reappearance to Metroscope after a long absence. The lantern was hand-made in Marrakech, Morocco.

The lantern is made from pierced metal. The metal is also embossed and the middle band has some pieces of glass in different colours inset.

The Poisson Kazdire is suitable for wiring but does not contain electrical fittings. If you already have a pendant light fitting you can drop the light in through the top. Otherwise any elecctrician should be able to assist. The lantern is not suitable for candles as it has no floor.

The lantern is 60cm in length and approximately 28cm at the widest part.

This lantern will make an entrancing play of light on your ceiling, walls and floor when lit.

This is a genuine Moroccan lantern.