tassletante lantern

Tassletante Lantern

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The Tassletante Lantern was hand-made in Marrakech.

This small lantern is available withembossed coloured glass alternating with transparent glass

This lantern is great for using on table tops with a candle or tea light, or it can be hung on one of our wrought iron wall brackets or lantern stands. The alternate panels of transparent glass will enable you to have a little more light than if the lantern was all coloured glass.

The Tassletante Lantern can also be wired. Please note the lantern does not come with electrical fittings, however any electrician will be able to wire this for you.

This is a genuine hand-made Moroccan lantern and not one made in China, India or Indonesia calling itself a Moroccan lantern or ‘Moroccan-style’ lantern.

The lantern is 30cm high and 14cm wide.

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