Moulalidatte Sefna 70cm Lantern

Moulalidatte Sefna 70cm Lantern

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Moulalidatte Sefna 70cm Lantern

The Moulalidatte Sefna lantern was hand-made in Marrakech, Morocco. It is made from metal and clear glass and alternate panels of embossed glass. The colours in the embossed glass are clear, yellow, rose, green and blue. Having the clear glass will enable you to have maximum light while still givingĀ  you the exotic mood of Morocco.

This lantern is can be used indoors and outdoors and can be wired or can be used with candles. The lantern does not come with electrical fittings, but can be easily wired by an electrician. The lantern has a door on the side to enable access to the inside and to change light globes or light candles. The lantern can be sat on the table or floor, or hung from the ceiling

This lantern will be a feature in any room. It measures approximately 70cm high and 30cm wide.

This is a genuine Moroccan hand-made lantern.