Poisson Makhzen Jbahi Lantern

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The Poisson Makhzen Jbahi lantern is a genuine Moroccan lantern, made by skilled artisans in Marrakech. This lantern is from our latest shipment.

The Poisson Makhzen Jbahi has the most beautiful metal work, which has been cut by hand, and has a copper finish. The glass in the lantern is Iraqui glass and alternates between opaque white glass and coloured glass. The colours are red, yellow. green and blue.

The lantern is suitable for wiring only – not for candles. The Poisson Makhzen Jbahi has a small door to access the inside of the lantern. The lantern come without electrical fittings, however an electrician should have no problems in wiring this lantern up.

We just love the shadows and play of light this lantern makes. It will certainly be a conversation starter among your guests.

The lantern is approximately 52cm high and is approximately 32cm at the widest part.

This lantern is sure to delight you!