80cm Fnar Slimane Lantern

Fnar Slimane Lantern


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Fnar Slimane lantern

The Fnar Slimane lanterns are all metal lanterns and are so typical of Morocco. Each Fnar Slimane  lantern was hand-made in Marrakech.

Hang the lantern on a wall bracket, sit them on a table or leave them on the floor.

Ideal for use outside and with candles. We have given the Fnar Slimane lanterns a coat of Penetrol to stop them weathering. You can leave them to go lovely and rusty after a while, paint them in another colour, or just give them another coat of penetrol to protect them.

The Fnar Slimane lantern is available in two (2) sizes:

  • 58cm high and 18cm in diameter
  • 80cms from top to bottom and 25cms in diameter.