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This vintage Moroccan tray (siniya) measures 97cm and is hand-etched aluminium. Each tray is unique and one-of-a-kind.

The tray would have started life as a dinner table or table for serving tea, perhaps in the 1940’s.

Even though the trays are made in Fes, we source them from a couple of fondouks in the souks of Marrakech. We select each tray for its design and condition. The siniyas or trays are becoming collectors items and unfortunately are getting harder to find. And then of course, once we find them, it’s a long process of negotiation!

The wood hand-tooled collapsible bases are also sourced in Marrakech and our supplier has an underground cavern with a collection of thousands. It is an amazing experience just to go down there. The bases are in a natural wood, but they can be varnished or painted.

Use your vintage Moroccan tray as a table with one of our hand-made wooden and fold-up bases as a wall decoration or use it as a table with one of our wooden bases. We have cleaned up the tray as best we can using elbow grease, a metal cleaner and water. There may be small traces of wax or paint on them but remember – they are vintage pieces!

The siniyas also make fabulous wall hangings.