Pair of Navy Blue Tassels

Pair of Navy Blue Tassels

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Navy Blue Tassels

This pair of navy blue tassels were hand-made in Marrakech.

The navy blue tassels are made with cactus silk thread.

In Moroccan (derija) tassels are called shwishiya which we think is a perfect description as they are beautiful and soft to feel, and go ‘swish’.

When wandering around the medina in Marrakech you often see nails on the walls of buildings with men winding the thread. This thread is often used for making tassels and in Morocco you can find tassels of all colours, sizes and lengths.

Some with fancy silver tops, others more simple like these aqua tassels that have braided tops.

An interesting fact: we have only ever seen men making tassels in Morocco.

These silk tassels were made by Hassan who has a shop around the corner from our regular riad, or guesthouse, in Marrakech. Every time we are in Marrakech, Hassan greets us and tries to get us into his shop. He is usually outside in the street, making his colourful silk tassels.

Every time we see Hassan we exchange pleasantries and in our last visit we finally climbed the stairs to admire his beautiful work and ended up buying an array of tassels.

We are selling these tassels in pairs and we only have one pair in each colour. If we sell them, we will buy more, and make Hassan and his family a happy man!

These navy blue tassels measure 35cm from top to bottom. The ‘swishy’ part measures 14.5cm.

The price of $62 is for two (2) navy blue tassels.

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