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Mosaic trivet 06

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Mosaic Trivet 06

Mosaic trivet 06 was handmade in Fes. Deep red, beige and off-white – very Moroccan colours.

Each tile in the mosaic trivet is handmade and then individually cut – just in the same way our mosaic tables are made. In Morocco these are called zellige or zellij. The process of making zellij takes many years to master and it is amazing to watch these artisans at work. Watch this fascinating video which shows the whole process from start to finish.

The only differences between our mosaic trivets and our tables is the size and the base material. The mosaic trivets are set in plaster, whereas our mosaic tables are set in concrete.

Each of our beautiful mosaic trivets are unique and feature different colours. The trivets measure 20cm in diameter. We have put some felt pieces on the back to protect your table.

This beautiful mosaic piece can also be used as decoration by placing it in a stand. A great idea of you’d like a small souvenir of Morocco and don’t have the space for a real mosaic or zellige table.

Grab your mosaic trivet now – we only have very limited stock.