Doorknocker: Eight pointed brass star

Doorknocker: Eight Pointed Brass Star

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Doorknocker: Eight Pointed Brass Star

Doorknocker: Eight Pointed Brass Star features an ancient traditional design. It was handmade from solid brass in the city of Fes, one of the oldest continually inhabited cities in the world.

Use this eye-catching doorknocker on your front door or you can mount the doorknocker on the wall as a decorative piece. But just a warning, don’t attach it to a glass door!

Fes is known as the cultural capitol of Morocco and has the most amazing walled medina. When you enter the medina, you feel like you are in another time zone – small alley ways, artisans working at their trades, small market stalls selling everything from spices to exotic brass lanterns, and the most unique architectural wonders. For a sneak peek, have a look at this beautiful photo essay.

The doorknocker: eight pointed brass star measures 23cm in length and is 10cm at the widest part.

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