Bread Basket Small 02

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This small Moroccan bread basket 02 was hand-woven with date palm. This basket has been decorated with multi-coloured pompoms. It is functional yet decorative. Each basket is different and tellsĀ  its own story but you can add in the details.

Bread, or khobz as it is called in Moroccan (derija) forms part of every meal. Bread is never thrown away – even when stale, and a use will always be found for it – whether it be given to animals for feed or mixed with spices and stock to make a sauce. At important religious festivals, the bakers will always keep bread to give to the poor.

Even today in Morocco, you will see women and children carrying trays of unbaked bread or khobz to the baker and severalĀ  hours later, picking up the finished baked product.

The conical top will help keep your bread warm and free from flies. The basket is also useful for storing a range of other knickknacks.

The diameter of the basket is 21cm and height with lid is approximately 23cm.