kilim cushion 27

Kilim Cushion 27

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Kilim cushion 27

Kilim cushion 27  is a hand-woven woollen cushion. It was made in one of the Amazigh (or Berber) villages of Morocco.

Weaving in Morocco is generally done by the women and they often do the whole process – from spinning the wool, dying it and then weaving it into cushions, blankets or rugs.

Each cushion is unique, so there is only one of its kind in the world. As the cushion is handmade, there may be some small irregularities.

The design on the cushion is a traditional motif. The reverse side is woven wool with thin white and yellow stripes with black borders.

While on our buying trips in Morocco, we search through hundreds of kilim cushions to find the best designs, the cleanest and the best condition. It takes hours and hours, and we search in many places in many towns and cities and we’re pleased to bring you the best.

Kilim cushions make a wonderful addition to any lounge. You can group them together – different sizes, colours and designs. Or you can just have one or two in each corner of your couch. They will make a boho chic statement to your home.

Kilim Cushion 27 measures 45 x 43cm. The cushion comes filled with polyester.