Moroccan ceramic tile 8

Moroccan Ceramic Tile 08

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Moroccan ceramic tile 08

Moroccan Ceramic tile 08 is a genuine Moroccan manufactured ceramic tile suitable for bathroom and kitchen walls and splash backs  or a special garden alcove or spa. The design is  a traditional mosaic pattern.

This tile is 248 x 400mm and 8mm thick, and is lightly embossed.

The tiles is perfect as a border, and can be used in conjunction with ceramic tile 07

The tiles are stylish, decorative, colourful and bold, and can be a striking addition to your home or premises. Use them as feature tiles on a wall or why not tile the whole area? Alternatively you can use theses tiles as a trivet, a plate for entrees or break them up and use them to make your own mosaic work of art.  These tiles are not suitable for floors.

Create your own Moroccan palace by using these tiles.

These ceramic tiles are manufactured in Morocco.

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