Moucharabieh Parme tin with 2 bowls

Moucharabieh Parme Tin with 2 bowls


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Moucharabieh Parme Tin with 2 bowls

The Moucharabieh Parme Tin with 2 porcelain bowls is part of the fabulous Images d’Orient collection. The collection was designed in Beirut, Lebaonon by Peggy Raphael Dabar. The colours and designs draw their inspiration from the Mediterranean, north Africa and the Middle East. They combine the charm of their heritage with a contemporary look.

The tin and bowls are decorated in the Moucharabieh design. The moucharabieh is a screen, usually built of turned wood pieces, assembled according to a complex geometrical pattern. It allowed the viewer to observe without being seen, thus its nickname, ‘jealousy window’. This meticulous technique was and is still used on windows, balconies and ceilings, as well as furniture.

The tin measures 24 x 14 x 11.5cms. The two porcelain bowls, with a diameter of 12cms, are dishwasher safe.

The Moucharabieh Parme collection includes mugs, coasters, bottle coasters, trivets and other tins.

These Moucharabieh Parme tins with 2 bowls makes a fabulous  present and can easily be popped in the post.


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