Mosaic Black Tin with 4 Cups

Mosaic Black Tin with 4 Cups


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Mosaic Black Tin with 4 Cups

The Mosaic Black Tin with 4 cups is part of the fabulous Images d’Orient collection. The range was designed by Peggy Raphael Dabar in Beirut, Lebanon. Peggy designs homewares that combine the charm of her Mediterranean heritage with a contemporary look.

This tin has four levels or compartments and is decorated in the Mosaic design, based on the amazing mosaics so prevalent in Morocco and other parts of the Arabic world. The mosaic tiles or ‘zelliges’ form part of an intricate  geometric design, usually based on the repetition of a single motif.

This tin can be used for decoration, for storing jewellery, herbs or anything you like.Each compartment is decorated in a different design based on the same theme.

Within each section of the tins is a small cup – a total of 4 cups. The cups can be used for an expresso, olives or other small things.

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