Mosaic Blue soap holder

Soap Holder Mosaic Blue


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Soap Holder Mosaic Blue

The Mosaic Blue soap holder is part of the stunning Images d’Orient range.

The Images d’Orient range was designed in Lebanon by Peggy Raphael Dabar. Peggy’s aim was to combine the charm of her Mediterranean heritage with a practical and contemporary look.

The Images d’Orient products were chosen and included by Metroscope, as it complements our wares made in Morocco.

Soap holders are a useful and a beautiful way to keep your soap on the hand basin. They do not scratch the enamel on your basin and they are easy to clean. They come attractively packaged in a cardboard pack.

The design of this soap rest is called Mosaic Blue. In Morocco and the Middle East,  mosaic work is a meticulous and demanding art where the layouts and designs were jealously preserved and transmitted from the ‘maalem’ – the master – to the apprentice. These cut tiles, called zelliges, follow an aesthetic order and a harmonious negative-positive play, leaving the viewer in perpetual meditation.

The soap holders are made from PVC and are washable, heat resistant and durable.

Size: Each Mosaic Blue soap holder measures 10 x 12cm.

Care: Wash under the tap and use a nail brush or your finger nails to clean off any stubborn bits of soap.




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