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Nassij Placemats

The Nassij placemats come in a pack of 2. They are part of the fabulous Images d’Orient collection. This collection was designed in Lebanon by Peggy Raphael Dabar.

The design of these placemats was inspired by the carpet weaving (or nassij). Carpet weaving is considered to be among the oldest professions in history (4400BC). Its roots come from basket making. As soon as weaving was discovered, crossing different threads created striking patterns leading to an extensive oriental trade between the Mediterranean world, China and the Indian continent through a network of roads and trails. This trade led to a blend of cultures, religions and foods.

Each placemat measures 42 x 33cms and is washable and shatterproof.

Care instructions: Wipe with a damp cloth or wash in warm soapy water.

Placemats are attractively gift-boxed in packs of 2.

Team with a set of coasters, a bottle coaster, trivet or round placemats. We even have a luggage tag and soap holder in this design.

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