MMosaic Black & White Placemats

Mosaic Black and White Placemats


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Mosaic Black and White Placemats

The Mosaic Black and White placemats come in a pack of 2. They are part of the fabulous Images d’Orient collection. This collection was designed in Lebanon by Peggy Raphael Dabar.

The design of these placemats was inspired by the mosaic work in Morocco and other places influence by the Moors. The mosaic is a meticulous and demanding art where the layout protoypes were jealously preserved and transmitted from the ‘maalem’ – the master or professor – to his apprentice. These cut stones, called zelliges, follow an aesthetic order and a harmonious negative-positive play, leaving the viewer in perpetual meditation.

Each placemat measures 42 x 33cms and is washable and shatterproof.

Care instructions: Wipe with a damp cloth or wash in warm soapy water.

Placemats are attractively gift-boxed in packs of 2.

Team with a set of coasters, a bottle coaster or trivet, tins and porcelain. We also have a beautiful soap holder in this design.

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