Ruby luggage tag

Ruby Luggage Tag


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Ruby luggage tag

The Ruby luggage tag is the from the fabulous Images d’Orient luggage tag collection. The collection was designed in Lebanon by Peggy Raphael Dabar.

The luggage tag measures 10 x 6.5 cm. It is handmade from high quality silicone. The tag has a privacy shield, so that your name and contact details are not readily viewable by all and sundry.

The tag comes packed in a plastic pouch and makes a stylish and inexpensive gift for a man or woman.

Care instructions: Should the tag become dirty, just take out the contents (the address pages) and wash in warm soapy water. Allow to dry before putting it back together again.

Use this stylish luggage tag to identify and claim your baggage.

If you love this design, why not chose some tableware in the same design and colours.

For all those Images d’Orient addicts a handy object to carry with love.


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