Zarqa key ring

Zarqa Key Ring


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Zarqa key ring

The Zarqa key ring is the latest addition to the fabulous Images d’Orient key ring collection. Peggy Raphael Dabar designed this collection in Lebanon. Peggy and her brother, Charbel, realised that designing items that endorsed the richness of their heritage was a dream they had to achieve. In 2000 they founded their company and they created a line of day to day objects that combined the charm of their Mediterranean heritage with a contemporary look.

The design of the zarqa key ring was inspired by the talisman against the evil eye, a symbol that represents envy. The evil eye is common to many cultures around the Mediterranean. This talisman of the Zarqa is often found in unusual places – suspended above door frames, hung around rear view mirrors in cars, worn on pieces of jewellery and even pinned to children’s clothes. It is believed that when the eye ‘breaks’, it has fulfilled its role of keeping evil away and should be replaced by a new one.

The key rings are handmade in high quality PVC, so will not need to be replaced! They are 5.5cm in diameter and come packaged in a plastic pouch.

Care instructions: Should the tab on the key ring become dirty, wash with some soap and warm water.

You’ll never lose your keys with this brightly coloured key ring and you will keep evil away.