Henne key ring

Henne Key Ring


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Henne Key Ring

The Henne key ring is part of the fabulous Images d’Orient collection. It was designed in Lebanon by Peggy Raphael Dabar.

The design of this key ring was inspired by the henna patterns so often seen in Morocco and the East on women’s hands and feet. Centuries of migration and cultural interaction makes the task of determining henna’s exact origin a complex one. However henna has been used for at least 5,000 years to sublimate beauty and to protect from misfortune. This natural colouring plant is called ‘paradise leaf’ by Moroccans, as when it is applied it is a message of love and an invitation for pleasure and happiness.

The key rings are handmade in high quality PVC. They are 5.5cm in diameter and come packaged in a plastic pouch.

This key ring will make a wonderful inexpensive gift.

Care instructions: Should the tab on the key ring become dirty, wash with some soap and warm water.

You’ll never lose your keys with this colourful key ring.

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