Metroscope March 2006 Newsletter

Salaam aleikum. We’ve just returned to Melbourne after a couple of weeks in Morocco.

Choosing lanterns

‘decisions … decisions’

We arrived in Casablanca on a Friday afternoon and caught a very full train down to Marrakech. Unfortunately we had to stand the whole way, so we were pleased but tired when we finally arrived. Although we had been on the move close to 36 hours, we couldn’t resist heading down to Djma el-Fna (the main square in the medina) for a quick stroll to see some of the usual nightly mayhem including food stalls, story tellers, snake charmers, acrobats and women who draw henna designs on hands and feet. 

Moroccan lanternAfter catching up on a bit of sleep, it was time to get to business and select things for our next shipment. It’s really hard choosing from so many beautiful things even though a 20 foot container fits a huge amount. Of course we kept in mind the requests from a number of you and we hope that you and potential customers will be happy with our selection.

We ordered lots more zellige (mosaic tables) – some different colours and larger round tables (150cm) and rectangular tables (180 x 90cm), as well as some small round coffee tables (50cm). Among those will be some multicolour tables which proved so popular with our last shipment. 

Mini tagines




We’ve also ordered many more lanterns – different colours, sizes and designs – many of them have been designed to hold candles. As per a number of requests, some will have clear glass. We’ve also ordered a range of metal lanterns – these are particularly good for outdoors and can be suspended, or they can sit on the ground or a table. Three different designs of wall sconces have also been ordered.

Metroscope’s next shipment will contain more mirrors – round ones and smaller rectangular ones, as a number of customers have requested. We have also ordered more ‘tall’ chairs.

Mini-tagines, small hand-painted wooden occasional tables and Moroccan silver teapots, are among some of the new lines that will be in the next Metroscope shipment. We’re now waiting to hear when we are likely to receive it, but hopefully that will be in June. Insha’llah.

Apart from business, we had time to do some strolling around in Marrakech and relaxing in the traditional riad that we stayed in, a quick trip to see the beautiful snow-covered Mt Toubkal in the Atlas mountains, and some relaxing in the lovely seaside town of Essaouira. 

Marrakech riad

‘our riad in Marrakech’

There was also the opportunity for me to learn a smidgen more Moroccan Arabic. Moroccan is a very difficult language, particularly the pronunciation, but worth the effort when you see the delight (and astonishment) on people’s faces.

Moroccan food can be delicious and we discovered some great restaurants in Marrakech and Essaouira. So if any of you are heading that way in the near future, we are happy to give you some restaurant tips (those to go to and ones to stay away from!). We were also very fortunate that our supplier invited us to his home for their traditional family Friday lunch and we had the very best couscous that we have ever eaten.





But back to business – if you are interested in finding out more about specific items in Metroscope’s next shipment or would like an update, feel free to email us at  Or you might like to drop in and see some of the funky babouche (shoes) or woven floor cushions that we brought back.

Incidentally our opening times for the next couple of months will be Saturday from 10am to 5.30pm, or if that doesn’t suit we are happy to make other times (day or evening) by appointment.