June 2013: The people who make it happen

We recently returned from a buying trip to Morocco.

Painting a ceramic bowlMorocco is an amazing country – the sights, sounds, colours and smells are all so different from those here in downtown Melbourne or anywhere else we know in Australia.

The handcrafts are amazing, and it’s hard to believe that so many of these beautiful things are hand made. But when you walk in the small alleys, men can be seen sewing leather for ottomans and shoes, cutting glass for lanterns, engraving metal for teapots and trays, and on it goes. This newsletter gives tribute to the amazing Moroccan craftsmen and women who make our gorgeous wares.

Making a zellige fountainThe Moroccan people also really help to make our visits to Morocco so special. Travelling and buying in Morocco is not without its challenges, but this year our improved Moroccan language skills helped us in getting around the cities and countryside and communicating and negotiating with artisans and merchants.

Weaving carpets in southern MoroccoAs this newsletter goes out, our container is due to leave Morocco with our latest purchases. We expect it to land on Australian shores in early September.

A sneak preview of what’s in the container

Ottomans galore! Lots of different colours.

Vintage teapots and trays, other silverware and tea glasses for endless cups of mint tea.Making metal percussion instruments

Coloured glass perfume bottles.

Colourful handwoven kilim cushions and carpets.

Handbeaten copper and brass bathroom basins.

Mosaic tile (zellige) tables and fountains.

Tagines, tanjia and najmar for all your Moroccan cooking needs.

Engraving brass in FesHand-painted plates, bowls, jugs and canisters.

Pierced metal lanterns and henna goat skin lanterns and sconces.

And lots more!

Winter trading hours

We’re back to our normal winter trading hours of Saturday from 10 to 5 and other times by appointment. If you want to make an appointment, just call or email us – we’re reasonably flexible.

Online sales

Making kebab sticksOur stunning Images d’Orient products can be purchased online. We received a new shipment just before we left for Morocco so we have lots in stock.

Sewing leather ottomansWe’ve had some problems with the shipping module on our website for the purchase of Moroccan products. We hope these will be resolved very soon, but if you would like to buy anything, send us an enquiry with your postcode and we’ll get back to you with the freight cost. We can send nearly all our products anywhere in Australia, and we’ve even sent them to New Zealand and Japan.

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