Metroscope June 2009 Newsletter

We’ve recently returned from another buying trip to Morocco. It’s a hard slog, but somebody has to do it!

As ever, it was great to be back in Morocco and renew friendships and business relationships, see what’s new and practice our rather basic Moroccan (and French). Morocco has become our second home and we always enjoy one of Mrs B’s delicious tagines and our stay at Dar Attajmil in Marrakech.

Every year our buying gets a little easier, but there’s always changes and of course new suppliers and items to add making ceramicsor we’d like to add. Thankfully prices have kept fairly steady, however our dollar has made things more expensive. We’ll try to keep any price rises to a minimum.

As this newsletter goes out, we hope our orders are being made up by the many artisans that make our goods. We anticipate our new shipment will make it here in the next 10-12 weeks, inshaallah (as the Moroccans always say – if God wills!)

So what’s new in the Metroscope collection? tagines

LOTS OF RED! Red lanterns, red tea glasses, red hand-painted mirrors, red cushions ….. And in case you’re not into red, we’ve got lots of other colours too.

There will be:

– a huge new range of lanterns in different colours, styles and sizes
– hand-painted furniture including mirrors and a small range of bed-side tables
– hand-woven cushions – both large and small
– lots of ceramics – cooking tagines, serving tagines, bowls, plates and other things. Some in traditional design and some less traditional.
– mosaic (zelij) tables – different sizes, designs and colours
– wrought iron mirrors
– tea glasses and vodka glasses
– and by demand we have a small sample collection of brass tray tables, babouche (shoes) and leather ottomans. ceramics

Ottomans and pouffesWe’ll let you know when the container arrives, but in the meantime there are still lots of things here to tempt you. We’re open Saturdays from 10 to 5 or other times by appointment. We look forward to seeing you soon, and saying merhaba (welcome).