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Moroccan ottomans (sometimes known as pouffes)

Our ottomans, sometimes known as pouffes, are genuine hand-made Moroccan ottomans. All, but the metallic pouffes are made from genuine leather.

All our ottomans are handmade in Marrakech by skilled artisans.

If you have ever visited Morocco, you are sure to have visited the leather works of Fez or Marrakech. The leather works are amazing and use centuries old systems for curing and tanning lather. They are a visual feast for visitors, but we’re not sure we would like to work in one! Be sure to take a sprig of mint if you are offered one – an olfactory feast they are not!

The ‘parachute’ style of ottoman have a central panel that is hand-embroidered. This part of the pouffe or ottoman is generally made by the women. The men sew the various panels together by hand using braid.

The two-toned ottomans are sewn together with braid on the top and are embossed with gold.

Ottomans are wonderful for casual seating, as foot stools or used as a table with a tray on top. Lately we’ve had a number of nursing mothers (or about-to-be nursing mothers) buying them for feeding at night.

Our pouffes can be purchased with or without filling.

Our pre-filled ottomans are filled with flock – a dense material used by upholsterers. Our filled ottomans generally weigh around 8kg.

If you wish to fill your own, the ottoman has a zip on the bottom. You can use newspaper, old clothes or shopping bags. Some people also use beanbag filling.

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