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Moroccan Decorator Items

Metroscope’s Decorator Items cover a wide range of hand-made items from Morocco and a few things that took our fancy from other parts of Africa that ended up in Morocco.

Our decorator items include:

  • beaded heads from the Cameroon
  • hand-woven bread baskets made in the villages of Morocco
  • ceramic and brass hand-painted hand-basins from Fes. The ceramic hand-basins are beautifully hand-painted and the brass ones are hand-hammered.
  • hand-made decorative daggers from the south of Morocco
  • hand-made tassels in stunning colours
  • perfume bottles made from recycled glass and silver filigree
  • vintage aluminium trays or siniyas. Allhand-embossed and etched. These can be bought with a folding wooden base to make a tea table.
  • cedar kebab sticks, touareg leather wall hangings and more.

Come and explore our Decorator Items. We’re sure you will find something of interest.

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